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Turning Rest Stops into Best Stops

We hope you’ll find Ontario’s ONroute Service Centres a welcome beacon of genuine hospitality, innovation, convenience, and safety during your travels along Highways 400 and 401. ONroute celebrates the local community and culture. Motorists can find on-site and staffed Ontario Tourism Information Centres at the ONroute Tilbury South and ONroute Bainsville. These centres are the gateways to the Highway 401 corridor from east and west. All other ONroute Service Centres feature self–serve provincial stations with news about their respective local community.

Host Kilmer

Host Kilmer Service Centers is an alliance between the world leader in travel dining and shopping (HMSHost) and a well-recognized Canadian company with extensive experience in building public infrastructure (Kilmer Van Nostrand). The partnership was selected in 2009 by the Province of Ontario to be the developer and operator of the ONroute travel and service centres along Ontario’s Highways 400 and 401. More than 500,000 people travel these routes daily and they are among the busiest highways in North America.


Global restaurateur HMSHost is a world leader in creating dining for travel venues. HMSHost operates in more than 120 airports around the globe and at more than 100 travel plazas in North America. The company has annual sales of nearly $3.5 billion and employs approximately 43,000 associates worldwide. HMSHost is a part of Autogrill Group, the world’s leading provider of food & beverage services for people on the move. With sales of €4.7 billion in 2018, the group operates in 32 countries and employs over 57,000 people. It manages more than 4,000 stores in more than 1,000 locations worldwide. Visit www.HMSHost.com for more information and connect with HMSHost on Facebook fb.com/HMSHost , Twitter @HMSHost and Instagram @hmshost.

Kilmer Van Nostrand

Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited (Kilmer) is the private investment holding company of Toronto businessman Larry Tanenbaum, O.C. Kilmer has been building infrastructure in Ontario and worldwide for three generations. Current projects include the development of the Pan Am Athletes’ Village in partnership with DREAM, and the design, build and operation of the ONroute Ontario Highway Service Centres with partners HMSHost and Canadian Tire. Kilmer invests in areas where its unique mix of skills and experiences, derived from over forty years of operating and investment activities, enable it to add value to new investment opportunities. For more information: www.kilmergroup.com