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ONroute Launches New Website for Travellers on the Go

As travellers take to the open roads, Ontario motorists on Highways 400 and 401 now have an easy way to find the many ONroute Service Centre locations for food, fuel, and amenity options nearest them. Host Kilmer Service Centres launched a newly redesigned website for its ONroute Service Centres,

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Innisfil is Host Kilmer’s 20th ONroute Service Centre

Ontario travellers today have access to state-of-the-art amenities when travelling on Highway 400 southbound, with the official opening of the Innisfil Service Centre. This is ONroute’s 20th and last new build in a world-class system focused on traveller safety, convenience and selection across Ontario Highways 400 and 401.
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ONroute Fast Facts
  • 20 ONroute Service Centres located across more than 800 km of 400 series highways from Windsor to Bainsville and Toronto to Barrie
  • Serves 35 million travellers annually
  • Ontario Tourism Information Centres located at Tilbury South and Bainsville
  • 14 Quick Serve Restaurant brands across the network including: Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Burger King, A&W, Brioche Doree, Pizza Pizza, M Market, Teriyaki Experience, Swiss Chalet, KFC, New York Fries, Extreme Pita, and East Side Mario’s Pronto
  • 100-180 staff employed at each ONroute Service Centre
  • Designed by Quadrangle Architects and constructed by EllisDon Construction with more than 100 different Ontario companies, large and small, and local to the various regions across the Province
  • Each ONroute Service Centre created approximately 350 construction related jobs and many building materials were manufactured locally
Background Information

In 2009, Kilmer partnered with the world leader in airport and motorway concessions, HMSHost, to finance, design, build, operate, and maintain the network of 20 ONroute Service Centres along Ontario’s 400 series highways, sponsored by Infrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. The ONroute Service Centres are key provincial assets, and also contribute significantly to the efficiency of Ontario’s transportation network, while enhancing comfort and safety for over 35 million travellers each year. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ONroute Service Centres provide the travelling public with centres that are safe and clean and offer a wide variety of food and beverage choices.

The ONroute Service Centres were designed to ensure a positive and uplifting experience for the public travelling in and through the province of Ontario along Highways 400 and 401. The ONroute Service Centres are accessible, convenient, friendly, and safe. Acting as warm and inviting beacons for travellers, they have introduced a consistent and clearly identifiable image for the Highway Service Centres throughout the province.

Developed on remediated brownfield sites, the area for the development of each building was limited, wherever possible, to the footprint of the previous structure. In addition, a large area of each site has been designated as open space for use by the public (picnic area) and will be preserved for the life of the building.

In the spirit of great Canadian buildings, the ONroute Service Centres achieve architectural impact through visually inspiring design and regional identification that leverage the Ontario brand to the travelling public.

The inspiration for the ONroute Service Centres is rooted in the imagery of rock outcroppings in the natural landscape. Working in harmony with each other, the striking architectural buildings function as identifiable symbols for the ONroute Service Centre experience throughout the Province. The designs for all of the centres—regardless of location— incorporate three distinct elements – a glass atrium with sloped glass walls covered by a sloped metal roof; traditional indigenous stone walls; and wood trellises and canopies. The glass atrium acts as the visual focus for the centres from both the exterior and interior, allowing for natural light to infuse both the customer seating areas and the interior areas of the structures, resulting in less artificial lighting used during the day. At night, the light of the atrium become beacons along the highway.

Targeting LEED Silver or Gold for environmentally sustainability, each ONroute Service Centre incorporates principles of durability and sustainability with universal design strategies. The centres are designed for a service life minimum of 50 years, which far exceeds typical construction for the building type. Further life cycle considerations, such as integrating accessible design principles at the beginning of the design process, means that Quadrangle anticipated the need for our variously abled and aging population to have access to the centres well into the future.

Sustainable features include: the material selection focused on maximizing regional and recycled content, ensuring durability and cleanability; 30-40 percent of materials were sourced from the surrounding region; the large expanse of glazing with deep overhangs and skylights ensure that more than 75 percent of occupied areas are daylit; and energy efficient, high performance wall and roof assemblies work in combination with heat recovery, high-efficiency, variable speed pumps and fan motors, high efficiency furnaces and low-flow domestic hot water fixtures to provide an average energy savings on completed sites of approximately 26 percent in regulated energy costs as compared to ASHRAE 90.1.